Training plans that adapt to your life

Because 74% of runners state that they aren’t able to follow their
training plan properly due to their inflexibility.

Sometimes life doesn’t follow plans

That’s why App&Run training plans constantly adapts depending
on how you train, always keeping your goal in sight.

  • Extra work, family or a
    great party may make you
    miss your planned run

  • Lack of time or energy
    can have you run a little
    shorter than intendend

  • Other days you can go
    on forever and feel like
    running longer

  • No matter what, we’ll keep
    your plan adapted so that
    you reach your goal

We'll be there no matter what your goal is

  • Run longer than
    I’ve run before

  • A major race

  • A date and distance
    of my own choice

We felt like there was a need...

A need for a smarter training plan, a personal trainer in your pocket

Multiple training forms

Cycling, cross-country, swimming and more.